Speaking of Resumes – Free, Professional Resume Templates to Customize| Canva

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Resume Templates available on Canva and more.

“Stand out with Canva’s eye-catching professional resume templates guaranteed to give you an edge. Free to customize with our simple drag-and-drop editor.”

Source: Free, Professional Resume Templates to Customize| Canva

Need a fresh resume layout. The Canva site has a resume templates page. Canva offers a variety of resume categories to choose from.

Canva has many resources for creatives and artists. Take some classes, use the free online version of the Canva image creator and check out the offered design types.

The site is clean and fast, even on my very slow connection. Browse around on Canva and see if any of their free and paid services suit your creative needs.

Beginners and new users might check out this Canva page: https://www.canva.com/colors/color-wheel/

It’s all about color, Simple and to the point explanations and instruction. That seems to be the Canva way.

I may, in the future, sign up for their affiliate program. Stay tuned.

PDF Resumes – From Doc to Rock

What could be greener than using PDF files. Universal and preferred by employers everywhere. I am A Virtual Secretary is part of Green Bee Mee. Take a look at the simple offer. Resumes and Cover Letters Converted to PDF. A need for the times.

iamavirtualsecretary simple conversion offering at Green Bee Mee
Showing mocked up documents created for conversion to PDF resume examples

I would feel worthless if I was only able to do this kind of thing less than 10 times an hour. That is one conversion every 6 minutes. 10 times 1 dollar equals 10 dollars per hour. That is the reason for the dollar amount, which seems reasonable enough to be useful for people who need such a service. See the image link for more information.

This is a little more practical than my usual posts. Practical can be good too/also/yes 🙂 Share and enjoy. Be Well. Stay Well.